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Nicklin Way Vet – Appointment 1

By October 9, 2018November 25th, 2018Peppa

After purchasing an ear cleanser as recommended by Jeremiah (Sunny Coast Vets) we still felt Peppa’s ears as well as nose and congestion weren’t clearing. We decided to then make an appointment at the local vet Nicklin Way Vet so they could run tests as well as check Peppa’s well-being.

The vet did acknowledge Peppa’s nasal discharge and congestion but were told  if it’s not fits sneezing it may be nothing to worry about but if it continued we could get tests done to see if it could be viral or anything really bad.

The clinic cleaned Peppa’s ears and prescribed us with antibiotic ear drops. *At this point after more antibiotics we were starting to panic and become very concerned about firstly Peppa but also our role now as her carer.

Vet invoice showing all results, info and costs

Antibiotic Drops